About this blog

You’ll find here translations of Japanese songs, usually anime-related, usually translated on a whim. You might find that my translations are also often liberal in interpretation. If you think that’s shit for a translation, I can’t stop you.

You might also find here short fiction, poetry, and otherwise desultory literary efforts, though that really depends on whether or not I can be bothered to post any.

19 thoughts on “About this blog

      • Thank you for the response, I am glad to have gotten one.

        Currently it’s just one as of the moment and I do this purely out of ‘fanboy-ism’.

        Currently, the only anime songs I honestly would love for you to translate is the few from ‘Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation’

        I honestly doubt you’ll do it, due to the fact the anime wasn’t that popular from what I’ve seen & read but if by some miracle you do. That will be awesome and well appreciated!

        if you choose to do one song and only one I’ll just take that one translation of said song if that is all you are willing to do or interested in doing.

        The most preferred one that I’d like translated would be marked with an ‘X’ (Again, I will respect your tastes, so any choice and or response you give me will be respected).

        Song’s listed below:
        ~ Dimension tripper!!!! (Opening Theme) – X
        ~ Neptune☆Sagashite (Ending Theme) [01]
        ~ Go→Love&Peace (Ending Theme) [02]
        ~ Ito (Ending Theme) [03]

        Should you need to contact me, arcangelryse@gmail.com is my public business email. (I don’t know any way to contact you other then here so I’m sorry if this seems very dis-tasteful).

        I’m fine with whatever selection you make.

        Thanks, M8!

      • Hi friend,

        Sorry about the delay. I like Ito, so you can expect to see it coming up on my blog in a week or two.

        Also, comments are fine for contacting me too. I’ll shoot you a notice when the translation is done.

  1. Would love to see if you can translate Wishing by Minase Inori (Rem) from Re:Zero, and Bouya no Yume yo by Takahashi Rie (Emilia). The songs are awesome and really deserve proper lyrics, I use your Walkure lyrics for my iTunes library because lyrical-nonsense has some bullshit system preventing you from copy pasting any of the lyrics.

    • Thanks for using my lyrics. Unfortunately, I’m not a big fan of either of those songs, so I won’t translate them. You can refer to English subbed versions on YouTube or elsewhere for their lyrics.

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