Taketatsu Ayana – Hey! Calorie Queen (TV size)

‘Hey! Calorie Queen’, ED song of the Dagashi Kashi anime by Taketatsu Ayana, who voices Shidare Hotaru in the show.

Translated at ADZ Subs.

歌:竹達 彩奈

キミを味わいながらfall in love


ダメダメ でもでも

あたまの中 何か出てる

Hey! カロリーQueen

Hey! カロリーQueen
魅惑 ワクワクの国 Sweets Land

君を味わいながらfall in love!

Hey, calorie queen!
Performed by Taketatsu Ayana

Let me taste your hidden sweetness
Make me fall in love!

Chocolate shaped in dainty sweet strips
Melt heavenly when held in my lips
This is the way first kisses all should taste
Of cream and cocoa paste

Ramune drunk in moderation
I must resist the fizz sensation
No more for me—but one more please!
Ah! I’m helpless to its tease

Just let me bite that forbidden fruit, yay, yay!
Don’t think I’ll stop till I’ve scarfed all these candies up
This sweetness is filling up all of my mind
I’m on a serotonin high!

Hey, calorie queen!
Don’t you know what girls’ waistlines really show?
They show their loves, their dreams and all desires—sugar and spice

Hey, calorie queen!
There is no one around to tell us no
Come sweep me off to distance lands please
Sweeten up my life

Let me taste your hidden sweetness
Make me fall in love!

brownricecookies: A very cute love song that steers mostly clear of genericness, sung by an equally cute voice actor.

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