Konosuba cast – Chiisana Boukensha (TV size)

‘Chiisana Boukensha’, ED song of the Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! anime. This song is performed by the characters Aqua, Megumin, and Darkness from the show, who are voiced by Amamiya Sora, Takahashi Rie, and Kayano Ai respectively.

Collaboration with Chihiro-Fansubs.

アクア(CV:雨宮 天)

転んで 擦りむいたとこ
血がにじんで しみるけれど
へっちゃらさ すぐ治るから

今日もまた バカにされたよ
恥ずかしいし 悔しいけれど
へっちゃらさ 覚えておけよ

岬から 船を出せば
風を受け 帆が膨らむ
ぼくは今 土を離れ

ケンカして 殴られたとこ
紫色 アザになった
へっちゃらさ 今日のところは

丘に立ち 手を広げて
風を待ち 羽ばたくのさ
ぼくは今 土を離れ

南から 風が吹いて
急に雨 降り始めた
春はすぐ 隣りにいる

Little Adventurer
Performed by:
Aqua (CV: Amamiya Sora)
Megumin (CV: Takahashi Rie)
Darkness (CV: Kayano Ai)

When I was playing I tripped and skinned my knee
There was blood coming out of my leg, I could see
But I laughed it off since I knew it soon would heal
By tomorrow there would be a scab I could peel

When class was out they came for me again
And they won, and they left me to cry in the lane
But I laughed it off—they had better be prepared:
On the day I turn the tables, none will be spared

At the cape I push my boat off from the land
And it blows, the sails billowing tall and grand
I can see the shore receding in the breeze
As I go on my voyage to sail the seven seas

When, another day, I got into a fight
Every punch made a bruise coloured dark like the night
But I laughed it off, even said he’d beat me true:
I had enough victories to spare one or two

On the hill, I spread my arms into the sky
When it blows, I leap, and flapping them, I fly
I can see the ground receding in the breeze
As I soar with the birds up above the tallest trees

From the south a gale rises into a squall
And the clouds they burst and raindrops start to fall
It’s a sign that spring is ready to begin
But I first must return home to take the laundry in

brownricecookies: What an unbelievably innocent and cute song. Makes you want to leap out of the door with a wooden sword in hand to fight the goblins and ogres you just know are lurking beneath the nearest bridge.

And then you realise that the composer-and-lyricist of this childishly innocent song, Satou Ryousei (佐藤良成), comes from a band named Humbert Humbert.


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