Wajima Ami – Gensou Drive (TV size)

‘Gensou Drive’, OP song of the Mayoiga anime by Wajima Ami.

Collaboration with Chihiro-Fansubs.


幻想 衝動 迷走
大丈夫 伝えたいよ

心の中 自問自答の

そっと 泣いた

もう一度 二度と 戻れない
微かな温もりが ほら

幻想 衝動 迷走
大丈夫 伝えたいよ
まだ 遅くはないから

体温 心音 細胞
大切な 忘れ物が

精一杯 生きた証が
いっぱい 溢れてくるんだ
目一杯 走り続けよう
ボクらには 未来があるから

Illusion Drive
Performed by Wajima Ami

Illusion | Impulse | Off-course
I’ll be knocking on your door
I just want to get through to you
That I’ll always be right here for you!

I try to speak, but my words can never be heard
I’m locked up in my heart, just talking to myself
Interrogating myself

I’d closed my eyes to the cruelty of the world
But in my mirror the reflection kept looking
With eyes gone distant
And softly weeping

And now we’ve gone too far ever to turn back
Now the dream is over, I’m awake
There’s nothing left in my hands except
A faint warmth

Illusion | Impulse | Off-course
And you’re knocking on my door
I just want to get through to you
Because we haven’t yet run out of time!

Body heat | Heartbeat | Cell net
I finally found you
I had once lost something dear to me
And it was with you all along!

Now the memories flood out to show
How we took life as far as it could go
Rouse yourself, we’ll run on to the goal
Because we’ve got a future just ahead!


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