Uchouten BOYS – Zutto Only You (TV size)

‘Zutto Only You’, ED song of the Shounen Maid anime. The singers, Uchouten BOYS, are a unit made up of the in-show characters Ryuuji, Hayato, and Ibuki, who are voiced by Hanae Natsuki, Yashiro Taku, and Yamamoto Kazutomi respectively.

Collaboration with ADZ Subs.

ずっと Only You

Love 愛してる

I need you 君の
過去が もしも

泣いたんで 君の
ために 僕が 

Love 愛してる



Only You Forever
Performed by Uchouten BOYS

Love! All for you
Can’t take my eyes away from you

I need you, yes just you
And if in your past you
Were a girl that someone else knew
The magic that happened when I met you
Made you my girl, made you all new

Don’t keep looking into the past
Try to make the present last
Used to cry till I met you
Now I’ll try, all for you
To be strong enough for us two!

Love! All for you
Can’t take my eyes away from you

Starry lights will shine for us till the night is through
In my world you’re the thing that’s forever true
I promise you I’ll always be with you!

I love you.

Official lyrics have not been released, so this translation may be altered in the future.


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