Walküre – Silent Hacker (TV size)

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‘Silent Hacker’, insert song in the Macross Delta anime by Walküre. This song is used in episode 7. Walküre exists as an in-show and a real-life idol unit, and is made up of the characters Mikumo Guynemer (character voice by Koshimizu Ami, singing voice by JUNNA), Freyja Wion (Suzuki Minori), Kaname Buccaneer (Yasuno Kiyono), Reina Prowler (Touyama Nao), and Makina Nakajima (Nishida Nozomi). (Name order is is family name last for in-show characters and family name first for voice actors.)

Collaboration with Chihiro-Fansubs and Doki Fansubs.

Silent Hacker

Silent Hacker

届かない言葉 (届かない)
未知のコード (未知のコード)

止められない時間 (止められない)
キミの声 (キミの声)

銀河の果て (果て)

Connect again



Silent Hacker
Performed by Walküre

Silent hacker

Lighting up the indicator
On your heart’s hidden backdoor
Are these words you never hear (You never hear)
An alien code (Alien code)

Set an icy firewall up
And still “Anonymous” will burn it down
There’s no stopping, and beyond (No stopping now)
I’ll hear you calling (I’ll hear you calling)

And the sky is in flames
Reaching out into space (To space)

Connect again
Don’t pull back, because you’re not alone

I just want to know you as you are
Underneath the smile you wear so sadly
Don’t hide the pain with your avatar
Throw the mask away

Sadness is never more than a phase
Look back and you’ll see: it shows you’re still alive
Write it in your memory
That I’ll always be right here with you

Official lyrics have not been released yet, so this translation may be altered in the future. Thanks to mixi user 17242666 for his/her transcription of the lyrics.


2 thoughts on “Walküre – Silent Hacker (TV size)

  1. Hello! I know it’s been a long time since this translation was posted, but is there any chances of you translating the whole song? If not, that’s totally fine.

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