Walküre – Kaze wa Yokoku Naku Fuku (TV size)

Click on the image for the song.

‘Kaze wa Yokoku Naku Fuku’, insert song in the Macross Delta anime by Walküre. This song is used in episode 16 and is also the ED song of episode 19. Walküre exists as an in-show and a real-life idol unit, and is made up of the characters Mikumo Guynemer (character voice by Koshimizu Ami, singing voice by JUNNA), Freyja Wion (Suzuki Minori), Kaname Buccaneer (Yasuno Kiyono), Reina Prowler (Touyama Nao), and Makina Nakajima (Nishida Nozomi). (Name order is is family name last for in-show characters and family name first for voice actors.)

Collaboration with Chihiro-Fansubs and Doki Fansubs.


眠りたくない あなたの隣で

歯車がゆっくりと、ゆっくりと回るのを 感じる
(Can you hear my heart?)
一年が 一日が 一瞬が 何秒かなんて

Don’t tell me now 次の流星がいつか
Don’t tell me now これが最後になっても

The Wind Will Give No Warning
Performed by Walküre

I see a constellation that only comes in thirty years
Tonight it’s shining near
Don’t want the light to go: I want to stay here with you
Until we see this through

I can feel the gears starting to go, ever so slow, ever so slow, unstoppable
(Can you hear my heart?)
All the seconds that make every year, make every day, make up every heartbeat
Have you ever tried to stop and count them all?

Don’t tell me now the date when the next shooting star will descend
I couldn’t care to know less
(Look: here I am right now, and I am still alive)
Don’t tell me now: though this might be the end of us tonight
I don’t want any regrets
(Look: here we are right now, and we are still alive)
The wind will give no warning when it begins to blow


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