Kumaki Anri – End of the World (TV size)

Click on the image for the song.

‘End of the World’, an OP song of the Rewrite anime by Kumaki Anri. This song was used as the OP for episode 8. Notably, Maeda Jun composed and wrote the lyrics for this song.

Collaboration with Chihiro-Fansubs.

End of the World

それでもいい 君といたら

こんな気持ち いつから抱いた?

もういいか そんな事


End of the World
Performed by Kumaki Anri

Little by little, the ripples on water are moving apart
Too slight to notice, but suddenly obvious, they overlap no more
But that’s quite all right by me, as long as you’re here

When was it that my heart first began to feel this way?
Such a simple tale of one boy
And his love story

I will be here to keep you safe for evermore
I’ll write that oath deep into my heart
When did we become the only two people still here?
But never mind that, just let it go

I want you to smile
When everything comes to its end

Official lyrics have not been released, so this translation may be altered in the future.


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