Tsuki ga Kirei ED Line Chats Episode 4 – Girlfriend


The Line chats in Tsuki ga Kirei’s ED are one of the nicest parts of the show, but no one translates them. Each episode’s chat tells a short love story between random people. Read them while listening to the ED song, Tsuki ga Kirei.

Tsuki ga Kirei is airing in the 2017 Spring season.


21:53 | Me: I fixed it with my mother
21:53 | Me: Told her I was going travelling with friends
21:53 | Me: Think she bought it
21:53 | Girlfriend: Will it be okay?
21:53 | Me: Should be
21:53 | Girlfriend: My mum was nice
21:53 | Girlfriend: She offered to help us
21:54 | Me: Really?
21:54 | Girlfriend: Yeah
21:54 | Girlfriend: She says she’ll handle my dad
21:54 | Girlfriend: She can make him believe her
21:54 | Me: Wow


21:54 | Me: If MY mother found out
21:54 | Me: She’d give us hell


21:54 | Me: We absolutely can’t let her know
21:54 | Girlfriend: What, she think you’re a girl?


21:54 | Me: *Laughing sticker*

The couple from episode 3 (you can tell by the identical chat icons) plan a trip together. Maybe they’re going somewhere, or maybe the boy is going to sleep at the girl’s house (although this seems unlikely given the presence of her parents). But the biggest problem, of course, is not letting their parents find out. What’s amusing about the whole exchange is how protective the boy’s mother is versus how lax – cooperative, even – the girl’s mother is. Japanese society tends to be conservative about letting girls spend nights with boys unchaperoned and more liberal about letting boys do the same. Here, the boy’s mother seems to have gotten her cultural values out of whack.

Back in episode 3 the boy was concerned about the girl being too busy, but now they’re going on a trip together. It seems like they’ve overcome the distance between them.

Read the rest of the chats and more here.


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