Noko Inoko – Patapata Mama

Patapata Mama was released in 1976 for the kids’ TV show Hirake! Ponkikki. It describes a mother’s daily routine from a child’s perspective. The mother’s routine is characteristic of the duties and behaviour expected of a housewife in Japan’s postwar high economic growth period of the 1950s–1970s, when many families became affluent and entered the middle-class. The visionary masterpiece summer 2019 anime, Would You Love Your Mum if Her Normal Attacks Hit All Enemies and Hit Twice?, uses this song with adapted lyrics for its ED.


パタパタママ パタパタママ
パタパタママ パタパタママ

6じ あまど パタパタ うるさいな
7じ おなべ ケロケロ だいどころ
8じ パパのくつを ピカピカ くつみがき
9じ おそうじ スイスイ ぼくじゃまさ

10じ せんたく ポイポイ スイッチ オン
11じ おふとん ポカポカ ふとんほし
12じ おけしょう パタパタ
ママ きれいだよ

パクパクママ パクパクママ
パクパクママ パクパクママ

1じ おかし パクパク つまみぐい
2じ テレビ チラチラ いねむりさ
3じ となりのママと ペチャクチャ ベランダで
4じ かいもの ブラブラ ぼくいっしょ

5じ おふろを ピュクピュク わかしすぎ
6じ パパをうきうき おでむかえ
7じ ゆうしょく パクパク

パタパタママ パクパクママ
そろそろぼく パジャマをきて

Hustle-bustle mummy
Lyrics: Takada Hiroo
Composed by: Sase Juichi
Sung by: Noko Inoko

Hustle-bustle mummy, hustle-bustle mummy
Busy all day
Hustle-bustle mummy, hustle-bustle mummy
Busy all day

6 a.m., she opens the shutters and the noise wakes me up
7 sharp, she’s in the kitchen bubbling soup for our breakfast
8 a.m., she polishes daddy’s shoes until they all shine
9 sharp, she vacuums all the floors and I’m in the way

10, she does the laundry: the clothes in the machine spin round
11, she’s folding the sheets, putting them to air in the sun
And at 12, she puts on her pretty make-up
That’s my hustle-bustle mum!

Hungry-mungry mummy, hungry-mungry mummy
Hungry all day
Hungry-mungry mummy, hungry-mungry mummy
Hungry all day

1 p.m., she munches on some cookies to pass the time
2 sharp, she sits at the TV for her afternoon nap
3 p.m., she’s on the balcony chattering with the other mums
4 sharp, it’s time for groceries and I’m going too

5, she readies the bath, but the water’s boiled too hot
6 and she’s happy ’cause daddy’s about to come home from work
And 7, it’s dinner and she’s eating away
That’s my hungry-mungry mum!

Hustle-bustle mummy, hungry-mungry mummy
Now it’s 8 p.m.
Soon I’ll have to put on my pajamas and kiss
Mummy and daddy goodnight

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