Would YOU love your mum if her normal attacks hit all enemies and hit twice?

ED for the visionary masterpiece summer 2019 anime, Would You Love Your Mum if Her Normal Attacks Hit All Enemies and Hit Twice? The song rewrites a 1976 kid’s song about a housewife mother’s busy day, changing the lyrics to upgrade the mother into the ultimate Oedipus-complex MILF-fetish pandering mummy (hence the forced translation of the title. It’s deliberate). Doesn’t it make YOU love your mummy?

替え詞:三重野 瞳
歌:大好真々子(CV 茅野愛衣)

あらあらママ うふふのママ
通常攻撃 全体攻撃

ギルド おだいどころ エプロンつけて
おみそしる かくしあじ 母の愛 
おはよう ほっぺにチューは二回でお起きして

えいやと 最後はまかせたまね
えらいわ 一日よくがんばりました
温泉 いっしょに入って

大事なマー君 自慢のマー君
あなたがいて 私がいる

Normal-attacks-hit-all-enemies-and-hit-twice mummy
Lyrics: Mieno Hitomi
Sung by: Oosuki Mamako (CV: Kayano Ai)

Dearie me oh mummy, my oh my oh mummy
Mummy’s here
My normal attacks hit all enemies
And also hit twice

At the guild, you’ll find me in the kitchen with an apron on
Making soup filled with the special flavour of a mother’s love
Rise and shine! Waking him up in the morning with two kisses on his cheek
Oh dear! Big and scary monsters have come to play

Take that, monsters! When it’s safe I let him take over
I’m so proud, he’s worked so hard! He did a good job today!
Bathing in the hot springs together with me
What a wonderful boy!

Oh my darling Maa-kun, amazing little Maa-kun
Thank you so much
Since you’re here with me, always here with me
I’m a happy mum

Translation notes
Mummy’s here: A literal translation of 真々子です would be “I’m Mamako.” Mamako is the titular mother’s name and is an obvious pun on “Mama”, or mummy.

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