Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni Film Review – Finding Beauty in War

Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni

Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni sets its tone early on when its protagonist, Urano Suzu, tries out ways to bulk up the family dinner. Continue reading



Celebrating a certain summer star festival.


When to the seventh night they flock,
Joy-birds across the silver stream
With wings like glockenspiels, that beat
And ford the waters, dock to dock,
Allowing us to meet—

Your sunset clouds signal to me
Anticipation, in the weave
Of blushing threaded through with heat
From under practised lethargy,
As ev’ning airs blow sweet—

And till the morning you’ll be real
No bright star, distant: human warmth
In hands, cheeks, eyelashes adorn’d,
Beauty to see, your pulse to feel.
I’ll hold you till the morn.

So when tonight the bridge is born
Allowing us at last to meet
I’ll come, as ev’ning airs blow sweet:
I’ll come to hold you till the morn.

sleeping dreams

So it looks like I can try poetry too.

sleeping dreams

Sleep comes in waves retreating from the real
—It doesn’t end.
Walls and the ground were always just pretend.
Voices dampen, as coyest murmurs steal
Round your arms with profoundest feel—
—ing, like you’ll bend:
Into a night of living dream.
Into a tv sky.
Into a world where flat is tall
And round, and all besides.
Blocks they will form, to stopper up your sight.
Then a kick, it falls—Toppling, mere light.