On Zadie Smith’s ‘On Beauty’


Okay, this is a book review/commentary/lazy threadbare attempt at analysis. Now I know book reviews aren’t something that I’ve done on this blog, but in my defence it does fit in with the depreciated literary component of this blog, present only sparingly in the short stories I posted far too many years ago and in my translation of Dazai Osamu’s An Urgent Appeal half a year ago. I had briefly considered translating another story by Dazai, Jorui (‘Womankind’), in which he talks about inciting a female lover into suicide, but my schedule was full and my interest didn’t last. Zadie Smith is an author whose writing has consistently lit up my mind, albeit only in my shallow experience of her, and now that I’ve been enough inspired by her book to write something on it, I’m trying to get it down before this fire fades too.

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