Tsuki ga Kirei


Tsuki ga Kirei is a romance anime produced by feel. that aired in the 2017 Spring season. Although its overarching story is simple (a boy, Kotarou, falls in love with a girl, Akane), it is well-directed and well-written, and contains subtleties which reward the viewer for digging deep. So that you can enjoy this show better, here are a couple of things from it that I’ve translated.

ED Line Chats
Each episode’s ED has a segment showing Line chats between couples. They are diverse – some are cute, some are funny, some are filled with love – but together they paint one unified image of love. I’ve arranged the chats not by episode order but by the couple order according to Episode 12. It’s not made explicit whether these chats really happen or are just speculative, but take a peek all the same at these love stories as in the main show Kotarou and Akane make their slow way toward couplehood.

To “Honey”
Episode 10: Honey – Goodnight Stickers

To “Darling”
Episode 8: Darling – Moo

To “Benippo”
Episode 11: Benippo – Red-Handed

To “Bae”
Episode 9: Bae – Sick

Between boyfriend and girlfriend
Episode 1: Boyfriend – Drinking Party
Episode 3: Girlfriend – Goodnight
Episode 4: Girlfriend – Trip
Episode 6: Girlfriend – Hug
Episode 5: Boyfriend – Job Offer

Between husband and wife
Episode 2: Wife – Meeting the Parents
Episode 7: Husband – Late

The full story
Episode 12 – All

OP and ED songs
Both songs are sung by Touyama Nao. There’s a third song on the OP/ED single, 初恋 (Hatsukoi), but that’s a cover and you can probably find lyrics for it elsewhere.
01. イマココ (Ima Koko) (OP)
02. 月がきれい (Tsuki ga Kirei) (ED)